House System

The House system is an integral and vibrant part of the school culture, In our school, the house system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive and secure environment. The houses provide for positive competitive spirit and builds a good rapport between students and teachers. There are six houses in the junior and serior school. Every student is allotted in one of the houses at the time of admission

House coordinators and house wardens shoulders the responsibility for planning and conducting various house competitions along with the house teachers. Points are awarded to the students throughout the year for their performance. At the end of the year a prestigious house trophy is awarded to the house procures the maximum points. Each house following appointments :-

House Captains, House Vice – Captains, House Prefects

Inter-house competitions are organized in Sports, Dramatics, Debates, Quiz, Art, Music and Dance etc.

House Wardens-Primary Wing

House House Wardens
Ganges House Ms.Itishree Jena
Yamuna House Ms.Lata Dixit
Satluj House Ms.Anjali Aghi
Jhelum House Ms. Shailani Sinha
Chenab House Ms.Neetu Singh
Ravi House Ms.Shailja Singh

Middle And Senior Wing

House Wardens
Ganges House Mr. Manoj Shrivastava
Yamuna House Mr. Saroj Bhardwaj
Chenab House Ms. Prodipta Das
Ravi House Ms. Kaushik Das
Jhelum House Ms. Anika Kalra
Satluj House Mr. Anand