Play ground is a mandate for various outdoor physical activities. Besides playing the game it teaches discipline, punctuality, honesty, team spirit, determination, focus and management. To facilitate our students for sports activities we have a Basket Ball court , a Football field, a skating rink and an outdoor Badminton court .

We have varied indoor facilities also available for our students a Table Tennis room and a gymnastic room facilities of chess , carom board, taekwondo to mention a few. To keep our students motivated we keep organizing various intra school and inter school sports competitions .

Each student is encouraged to take part in games on a regular basis. Students represent the school in various tournaments at different inter- school , district , state and national level tournaments. For our little ones we have a separate play area where the children can freely enjoy variety of swings. The preliminary training in sports begins right from the basic years under the guidance of our P.E teachers and competitive sports training by qualified teachers begins from class 5 to prepare our future sports heroes.