DPSSL strives in providing proper sports facilities, dedicated instructors and time to help their students pursue sports which is an integral and equally imperative part of its school curriculum.

A wide variety of outdoor and indoor facilities are available on the campus.

Facilities Available:

♦ Play area for Pre-Primary students

♦ Football: (50mt× 60mt) ground available in school campus with three pairs of goal posts.

♦ Cricket : Two cemented pitches and  one clay pitch available with net practice

♦ Volley ball :Full size ground available in school

♦ Basket ball :Full size ground available with two pairs of baskets

♦ Skating : An indoor Skating Rink has been made available to students under the supervision of external coaches

♦ Badminton: A modern badminton court has been made available to the students.

♦ Table Tennis: A table tennis room with three boards

♦ Gymnasium: An indoor gymnasium with equipments.

♦ Chess

♦ Carrom

In addition to the above weekly classes are conducted under the able supervision of external coaches for Taekwon-do.



The Play Area for our Tiny Tots is perhaps one of the most colourful areas in the school campus. Equipped with swings and slides it is an area demarcated for the young learners of the Pre-Primary school. Under the supervision of teachers it is an ideal place for students to have fun in the sun.


Nursery Gym is an extremely attractive fun zone where the little children crawl, scramble and practice cruising from one activity to another in an active and safe play environment. It is a multi-sensory room where kids are exposed to multiple concepts based on cognitive learning.

ACTIVITY ROOM... For learning by doing

Activity room is where the pre-primary learners can come in small groups and experience various activities planned for them like storytelling, sacks, puppet show, role play etc. It is well equipped with various educational toys and games to enchant the tiny tots. All the activities performed herein facilitate the overall growth of the child so that they can play and socialize in a fun loving environment through a series of well coordinated activities.

YOGA ROOM... for supple bodies and strong minds

The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual's mind, body and soul. This control is essential in teaching students the art of self restraint and concentration. The school has regular yoga classes for all students under the expert guidance of trained yoga instructors who are a part of the school faculty. Two aesthetic Yoga Rooms cater to the needs of students across the school.


At DPSSL students are exposed to two kinds of dance forms as per their choice and expertise, Contemporary Dance form and Indian Classical Dance Forms. Four dance studios, with all the required facilities, give students the opportunity to hone their skills. 


In six well equipped rooms students learn the nuances of instrumental music from their primary years. Such exposures enable learners not only to develop a sense of rhythm but also improve their hand eye co-ordination. Both Indian and western music are taught in the school.


Students are able to develop their aesthetic sense by learning to appreciate the beauty in lines, forms and colours. They are made to understand the fundamentals of Visual Arts and apply them (elements and principles) to a specific intent. The well equipped infrastructure and expert faculty members help the students to develop memory and observation power through the study/exercise in doing compositions.

In sculpture students learn from scratch to make a sculpture using a variety of materials as Terracotta, Plaster of Paris, Clay, Papier Mache, waste materials etc. They also try their hands at installations and various techniques as making a relief, masks, fresco, paper-sculptures etc.


An Auditorium is a central and important space in any school. The auditorium provides many students their first introduction to performing arts, both as audiences and as performers. The school is equipped with a state of the art air-conditioned auditorium that is used for assemblies, workshops, cultural programmes, debates,inter-school events to name a few. With a seating capacity of 500,it is equipped with fine acoustics and lighting facilities.

SMART CLASSES... Going Beyond Books

A new way of teaching was introduced with the implementation of smart boards in the year 2011. Children are introduced with multiple learning styles with the help of audio-visual clips, presentations, science diagrams and mathematic equations. With technological support, our skilled teachers provide guidance to each individual. The emphasis is on making every classroom session interesting and interactive.

LIBRARIES... treasure house of knowledge

At DPS Sushant Lok, we have two exceptionally well equipped automated libraries for learners of all ages. Senior School Library equipped with 13057 books is for the Middle and Senior wing and Junior School Library equipped with 11,305 books is for the Primary wing.

We aim at widening the horizon and liberating young minds by inculcating reading habits in children. Great care is taken to select appropriate books that trigger the thoughts and imagination creatively. Students as well as teachers can benefit from a wide variety of reference books, fiction of varied genre, nonfiction books and digital collection with subjects related content available. The periodical section keeps the readers informed and updated with the current happenings around the world. The computer station in the libraries has access to internet facilities which students use for their research and reference work under supervision of their teachers. A special section showcases the new arrivals in the library, information about literary festivals, upcoming national and international book events and awards. A range of activities like interactive book discussion sessions, story telling sessions, author’s meet, novel study, speed reading, buddy reading, Drop Everything And Read are conducted. Special events like World Book Day, Book Fairs and other literary events are held to encourage students to celebrate and enjoy books.


In the Biology Lab, the students study detailed structures, morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. Study of slides under the microscopes or studying the museum specimens kindles curiosity related to nature and the desire to know more about the Flora and Fauna around us. All the equipment and specimens that are there in the lab are open for the students This is the place where our students are given a chance to ‘discover’ before they are ‘told’. Children have the liberty to make models and projects by availing lab facilities.


The well-designed, spacious chemistry lab provides the right environment for an inspirational and effective teaching and learning environment. The lab is well ventilated and follows all safety measures as per the CBSE norms like the fume hood, fire extinguishers and first aid box. It is mandatory for students to enter the lab with their lab coats. The lab has the capacity to accommodate formal teaching, practical activities and group activities. Teacher’s demonstration bench gives good sightlines for constant observation of students. At a time 35 students can easily perform experiments. Senior students are encouraged to take up projects that go beyond the syllabus to instill the spirit of inquiry.


A well equipped spacious Physics lab in the school caters to the inquisitive and scientific temper of students. The lab is well lit and can accommodate around 30 students on the 6 large sized table tops fitted with safe electrical points. The lab is equipped with a chalk board and LCD projector so as to help in using varied teaching techniques as per the requirement of the experiment or activity It is equipped with not only the basic apparatus but also with apparatus like the katers pendulum, travelling microscope or the tangent galvanometer to encourage students to carry out projects and make models for various competitions and exhibitions. Think lab activities and robotics activities are also carried out in the physics lab. All safety rules and regulations for electricity experiments are taken care of in the lab. The posters of well known scientists and physicians also add to the spirit of physics lab.


The school has provided well designed computer labs to students and teachers to be abreast with new technological developments. There are 4 computer laboratories equipped with internet facilities and 20 – 22 computers in each. The computer club of the school nCrypt has organized IT symposiums over the years that have witnessed participation from leading schools in Gurugram.


The mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas using variety of mathematical concepts. It is the best place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material that makes mathematics interesting to learn. The materials are meant to be used both by the students on their own and with their teacher to explore and discover the world of mathematics. The activities create interest among students or in anybody who wants to explore, and test some of their ideas, beliefs about mathematics. Students in our school are encouraged to use this lab to increase their knowledge of mathematics.


“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way,”

                                                                                                 --John Evans

Believing in the above, the school provides the assistance of Special Educators for students who are unable to keep pace with others in the classroom. Individual educational plans and a pre-determined schedule with the special educator ensures that all the students are able to realize their true potential. A flexible program and learning environment is provided through specialized instruction such that the students benefit from the general education curriculum to the greatest extent possible when supported with supplemental aides, accommodations, and other needed supports.

Additionally the school has partnered with Orkids, a professional organization to provide remedial support & occupational therapy to children with specific learning disabilities. To that end a Learning Center has been set up within the school premises.


“Sometimes, just the act of venting is helpful”

The rising complexities of the modern society is making the role of the school counsellor increasingly important in ensuring that students can seek advice and guidance at crucial turning points in their lives. The school counsellors maintain a close working relationship with the students, teachers and parents to ensure that students of DPSSL grow up to be thoughtful, empathetic, and forward thinking students who can face the challenges posed by life.

The School Counsellors achieve these goals by providing a variety of services to the students. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Emotional, social, developmental and behavioral services to students and families.
  • Counselling sessions- Individual Counselling, Small Group
  • Counselling and Parental counselling
  • School crisis and intervention referral services
  • Referral Assistance
  • Career counselling is provided to students from Class X to Class XII by the school counsellor and Professional Career Counsellors appointed by the school. Students are enriched with career information through notice boards, workshops and individualized counselling. Workshops on various careers, courses and universities are held to provide information to students on the main stream as well as creative careers both in India as well as abroad. Throughout the year students are exposed to career symposiums and career fairs. 
  • Counsellors work closely with both students and their families.
  • Parents are encouraged to contact with questions, concerns, or to gather feedback on their child's progress at school.




THE SCHOOL CLINIC... Health is wealth

It comprises of two rooms, one in each wing of the school building. Three nurses are on duty, at all times, during school hours. The clinic is equipped with all the basic medicines and equipments. A patient transport vehicle is present in` the school premises, at all times, to take a child to the hospital, if required. A Health Checkup of all the students is conducted annually. Regular health advisories ensure that the parents are apprised of any seasonal medical concerns.


A healthy body houses a healthy mind. At DPSSL we always encourage students to eat home cooked food. However, for the convenience of students and staff, the school canteen provides light snacks and refreshments. All efforts are made to ensure that the items served are fresh and meet the required health standards. The canteen is open to students only during the recess.


As an Eco-friendly school , DPSSL has incorporated rain water harvesting as a necessary part of it’s infrastructure . The project, consisting of a recharge trench and a borewell was executed in a span of about two months and inaugurated on 28th October ,2010. The ceremony was attended by Dr. R.C. Sharma , a scientist from Force & Mr. Kanwaljeet Singh from Enrich Agro.

The rain water collected in the same recharges the ground water level in the school premises and caters to water requirement in the premises in times of emergency.


The school has a fleet of 57 air conditioned buses, fitted with GPRS enabled app based device to track the location of the bus. The buses ply on two separate route plans – senior route for classes II – XII and junior route for Nursery – I covering Gurugram and some parts of Delhi.


In DPSSL utmost care is taken to provide learners with a safe learning environment. The school is covered by CCTV cameras and there are trained guards in all parts of the school to monitor and regulate movement. Entry of outsiders into the premises is strictly monitored and is also restricted to pre-determined time slots. The school is also equipped with all safety features and a well equipped medical room to deal with medical emergencies. Additionally, each washroom is manned by trained housekeeping staff and guards.